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Caulking Gun Painting with Tramaine de Senna

Monday 11.01.2010 , Posted by

Contemporary artist Tramaine de Senna creates sexy and sometimes shocking work. Here she shows off her skills painting all night with a caulking gun, applying layer after layer in intricate patterns, “like buttercream frosting.”

Her other work includes performance art, paintings of meat and in her Repulsion Decoration series, artsy hair-adorned wall hangings. In her Speed Bump Mannequins, a recent drawing series, time exists like a filmstrip — mirror-like images of the same person are drawn in altering chronological sequences.  Body Building Bunnies Series 1 and 2, her recent investigations, show juxtaposed images of the same person, as if they were double exposed film. They exist simultaneously, drawn atop each other in the same dimension, defying linear time.

Be sure to check out her other videos for more cutting edge inspiration.

Body Building Bunnies Series 2

Body Building Bunnies Series 1

Speed Bump Mannequins

Source: Tramaine de Senna
Written by Benjamin Starr & Paul Caridad

Paul Caridad

Written by Paul Caridad

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