Deftbeat Makes Candy Coated Vector Graphics

Splashing vibrant color across the screen with deft strokes, Jejomar Limbo (aka Deftbeat) makes candy-sweet pop art illustrations that stick to the eye. Deftbeat is a vexel/vector artist from the Philippines who has an absolutely stunning portfolio, demonstrating just how much impact vexel artwork can have. To see more of his work, check out his chock full deviantart profile or see

Technicolor Lover

Mystical Figure Illustrations Tell Stories of Life

Based in Guangzhou, China, “My Name is Black” is a 25-year-old freelance illustrator who has a gorgeous line-drawing style composed of an interesting mix of themes, both traditional Chinese and modern. Extruding, slicing, and reassembling human figures in monochromatic landscapes, his figures tell mystical tales about the cycles and experiences of life. For more of his work, check out

The Thin Red Line

Classic 1980’s McDonald’s Commercials

Feeling hungry? These classic McDonald’s commercials from the 80s remind us of a time when the food was fast, the burgers were cheesy and the commercials were… cheesier. Good time, great taste… McDonald’s?

3 Generations of History Told With Skin

Filming a grandfather, his son, and grandson, Corey Aumiller tells the story of three generations of adventure. In his film 1926/1950/1984 we are given a snapshot of each man’s spirit through skin, scars, smiles and photographs. A Media Arts teacher at a suburban high school in Ohio, Aumiller uses his films to inspire his students and encourage community.

CypherAudio Creates Sound Landscapes

Lending their talented and creative ears to the sound for a multitude of videos and advertisements, CypherAudio demonstrates the power of sound to enhance imagery. Having worked with such giants as Nike and Hershey’s, they create audio perfectly timed to the motion of the video. We recommend watching one with the sound turned down first… just to see how much difference it makes.

Shot Through the Window: People Driving

For his book, 66 Drives, Andrew Bush photographed from his car while traveling 10 to 70 mph through Los Angeles and other parts of the Southwestern United States. His photos document a piece of America often seen, and often overlooked. Check out more or buy the book at

A Civil Rights Era Ghost Town

Ever come across something so offbeat that you craved an answer to its existence, but no one could give it to you? Next time, try asking Reddit. After coming across the ghost town of Cairo, Illinois, with demolished streets and buildings that barely hinted at once housing townspeople, Reddit user inkslave was left with a head spinning with questions. After no success on Wikipedia, he turned to Reddit: What the hell happened to Cairo, Illinois?

From the Cairo Project

Trip Out to The Holidays

Mixing an assorted montage of surreal images over an ocean of smooth electronic beats in their latest video, The Holidays create something we don’t often see, a dream world that makes one feel nightmarish, relaxed and attracted.

Australian indie pop band, The Holidays, formed in Sydney in 2006. The band consists of Simon Jones, Will Magnus, Alex Kortt and Andrew Kerridge. During performances, the band often includes additional musicians, including percussionists.

For more on this up and coming band, check out, follow them on twitter @theholidays or on Facebook.

How to Photograph Models Professionally

Ever wonder how to take pictures of models? Look no further than the sound advice of The Girl on the Magazine Cover, a campy short film from 1940. It was a promotional film produced by Jam Handy, one of the world’s leading commercial and industrial film producers. Often creating short films for major clients, Handy’s films were seen in movie theaters before the main show. Narrating this film about the model industry was popular radio comedian and emcee Walter O’Keefe.

For more on Jam Handy, famous icon of short films, check out this interview with WWJ-TV host Bob Leslie.

A Day in the Life of Social Media

From Facebook to Twitter to Youtube the growing number of people using social media seems to explode each day. It’s a powerhouse to take seriously, and by crunching some of the numbers these sites experience on a daily basis, this engaging video tells why it pays to take part.

It was created by DBA Worldwide, a full service advertising and interactive media company.