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Pencil vs. Camera: The Surreal Works of Ben Heine

Saturday 10.30.2010 , Posted by

Ben Heine sketches new realities for our eyes, taking a photograph with a piece of paper in it, and then adding a sketch using only his own vivid imagination. He says he got the idea while writing a letter and watching TV one night. As he finished, he held up the paper and saw the TV in transparency through it. What if that effect could be combined in one image, he though? Here are captivating new works from his surreal Pencil vs. Camera series.

The photo below features Stromae, a Belgian-Rwandan singer who became famous for the number one song in 12 European countries. It was taken in Brussels, Belgium.
Pencil Vs Camera - 33
This is Not Gravity – Brussels, Belgium
Pencil Vs Camera - 35
Cologne, Germany
Pencil Vs Camera - 32
Fira, Santorini island, Greece
Pencil Vs Camera - 34
Island of Santorini, Greece – With a famous quote by Walt Disney
Pencil Vs Camera - 36

Source: Ben Heine
Written by Benjamin Starr & Paul Caridad

Paul Caridad

Written by Paul Caridad

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