Who Shot the Couch? Vintage Bad Fashions

Men in the 1970s didn’t just automatically know how to look good. They had to see photos and ads of their fellow men wearing the trophies of their work…work that involved silently stalking the elusive jungle couch until it could be turned into pants.

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  1. Nancy

    @Philly, unfortunately fashion moves in cycles. One of the worst fashions from the 80’s was the big giant leg-o-mutton sleeves found on wedding dresses and prom gowns from the era and for unknown reasons those are making a comeback

  2. Steve Burns

    Funny stuff.

    but trust me, as someone who was around for these freakishly horrible fashions from beyond, there will be plenty to make fun of from today.

    trust me, today’s stuff is just as ridiculous as yesterday’s stuff.

    old man river


  3. CathyL2

    Social Surfwear & the Bay are 80’s.

    As for things happening when you wear Eleganza ~ I’m guessing that refers to being arrested as a pimp. :-)

  4. Nstone53

    I worked at JCPenney back in 2004. I saw a teen t-shirt come in on a new stock, took one look at the little shirt that had ‘neon rainbow colored hearts’ on it, turned to my co-worker and said “oh no….” she said “what?” I held up the shirt and told her the 80’s where coming back. she looked at me like I was crazy. lol Thankfully I think we’ve hit the peek of the 80’s phase, but it also scares me. The 90’s fashion scared me even when I was a kid. Lets all hope for the best. When are the Jetson rings going to be cool?

  5. Milander

    Agree with nancy, and I’d buy a pair of those plaid trousers in the first pic right now. Some are ludicrous still – the mad collars and, what must have been weird then, belted sweaters. That said, I’d bet some people are reaching for their knitting patterns right now!

    Shame the pics are all americana fashion and there’s no European fashion from the same era, Uk 70s fashion has to be seen to be believed.

  6. jeandarc

    you’d be surprised how many males wore those hideous belted sweaters. ughhh! what scares me is the thought that the 90’s will come back.

  7. Maureen

    If you ever want proof that fashion is stupid, pull out a picture of yourself taken 15 years ago. But in the meantime, go on. Think you look good. I dare you.

  8. Bob A Fette

    Ok, No body actually wore these…I hope! But lets get one thing straight: First Rule: Evey thing comes back into style sometime. Second Rule: If you are old enough to to have worn it the first time… your too old to wear it the next time!!! This especially pertains to spandex!

  9. donster

    I’m glad we only had to take off the weird cloths, get a haircut and put on some real shoes to look better. I will be laughing at all the tattoo’ed clowns when that style goes out of fashion.

  10. Barry

    “The Bay” isn’t too bad. However, JCPenney must have grabbed their models for the second ad in the series from the Castro or something, as they all manage to look like gay porn stars. :) Oh, those clone mustaches! eek

  11. Don

    Agree with Steve. 20 or 30 years from now we will look at the saggy pants and boxers phenomenon and laugh, if you’re not laughing now.

  12. Xamuel

    Really makes me wanna see what fashion looks like in another 40 years. People will be looking at what we’re wearing today and laughing in the same way.

  13. Katie

    It’s true that some people will be just as horrified in years to come at what they are wearing now; the sad thing is that some of them are wearing TATTOOS! There is no such thing as Permanent Fashion, that’s why I’ll never go under the needle…chances are I will cringe at it someday, and I won’t just be able to drop it off at Good Will either!

  14. ButterNuggets

    If you really think about it….fashion is kinda starting to repeat it self. Not in a big way, but very, very subtly.

  15. Aunt Edna, calling from Lawrence Welk Village

    OMG! ROFL, and I was there!! Oh my. And yes, Mr. Burns, today’s teenagers will laugh someday and wonder WHAT was I thinking!!!

  16. Bret Reinbold

    Oh My, did you see the collar on that one dress shirt? It just have been at least 12″‘s long. As a former fashionista I can confidently say that these fashions will NOT be making a comeback. Certain things might, like colors and cut, not definitely not the overall look. Sleep better because pimp wear is so 40 years ago and will never be seen again. GQ magazine has a ‘what were we thinking’ page with fashions that made it all the way to GQ. Thinks like polka dotted square cut bathing suits etc. So if GQ can come out of the bad judgement closet, hopefully they’ll learn from their mistakes.

  17. bunny8bling

    Is it wrong that I want to own some of these outfits!! Can’t wait for fashion to do its usual recycling – can see the headlines now – teens in belted sweaters shock!! Awesome. xx bunny xx

  18. Anonymous

    Flame-resistant sleepwear? Were house fires a significantly greater risk in the 70s, or was there some spontaneous combustion plague going around? Either way, I don’t think those adorable pajamas will save anyone if they are really being consumed by flames.

  19. mrjack

    I remember in the early 90s I had a pair of white leopard print “Zoobaz” pants. I went swimming in the lake one night in my underwear and when I put the pants back on, the motor oily water stained them. Looking back that was the best thing that could’ve happened.

  20. Chad

    Anyone else think that first ad was in bad taste?

    I pine for 80’s fashion. Leg warmers, sweatbands, and all that other fun stuff.

  21. Alazandanga

    Erm… i mean… i understand that we people used to dress a little… different back then. Fashion changes, and stuff… ok…

    Now… a magazine called “MAN IN BELTED SWEATERS”???? WTF?????

  22. Rebecca

    I hated those pajamas, the pattern style(not the stripes) stuck around until the 2k’s.

    The belted sweaters look like something from a old Scifi movie or something a medieval cosplayer would wear.(Such as my friend dwarf-man or a Dungeons & Dragon fanatic)

  23. terry

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  24. GetGlam

    I thought bell bottoms where never coming back too. Well, they did and in a big way. We laugh now but it could be on GQ in 2011. Belted sweaters – they are the best. The Eleganza ads are fab! Love the Mod outfit – right out of StarTrek! Thanks for the post, I really enjoyed it.

  25. DJ Me-Mo

    I remember buying clothes and shoes from Eleganza.I’m surprised you don’t have any ads from,Flagg Brothers,Bill The Hatter,or The Spiegal Catalog.Of all the big names(Sears,JC Penny,s,Montgomery Wards,etc.)Spiegal had the hippest line of men’s clothing,back in the day(’71 to 77).I didn’t go for the “pimp” look,but I was the flyest white boy in my city.

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