Who Shot the Couch? Vintage Bad Fashions

Men in the 1970s didn’t just automatically know how to look good. They had to see photos and ads of their fellow men wearing the trophies of their work…work that involved silently stalking the elusive jungle couch until it could be turned into pants.

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  1. Zamipoo

    Flame resistant sleepwear? Wonderful – this way if my house burns down with me in it my pajama’s will protect me! Teehehe – in festive red at that!

  2. Contraindicate

    Personally, I’m a fan. Some of the more superfluous designs aren’t exactly in the best taste, but I’m all for guys wearing clothes that look attractive on them. Meaning- pants that fit around the waist and button-down shirts that aren’t 2 sizes too big. It looks good, and as a girl I am 10x more attracted to a man who can dress himself nicely and not look like a slob.

  3. eric

    and in another 10 years they’ll be posting on all the terrible hipster styles over the past ten years! but why wait we could start now!

  4. h00t

    Frankly, some of the well-fitting shirts/slacks kick ass, especially in the pic from (I believe) the 70’s with the 3 pimps.

    On another note, who else remembers people dressing like in that Socal ad?

  5. tom werman

    I simply cannot believe that anyone actually fabricated or wore these horrendous creations. Where did you find this stuff? Hilarious.

  6. BossHawk

    I’m embarrassed to say that I may not have gone quite that extreme but I came pretty close to wearing the garbage of that awful fashion era.

    My head is hurting from laughing so hard at those styles of the 70’s. The 70’s were maybe the worst fashion era ever.

  7. Heather

    The 70’s were the decade where fashion took a vacation! These are hilarious pics and I am sure that even when these things were in style, we would have laughed at “men in belted sweaters”
    What really gets me is the word “slacks.” Love the first picture with the huge font that says “SLACK POWER.”
    That must mean this guy doesn’t need a cape to be a hero!

  8. Yvonne


    I wore parachute pants.


  9. katie

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA , am I the only one here who noticed the flame proof pyjamas , when you first glance at the dad , it looks like he’s …. OOOHH AHAHHAHAHAHHAHAA :’)

    you all know what i’m talking about …

  10. niki

    These fashions came and went in a few years. Fashion changes quickly.
    So why is it that for thirty years we’re seeing boys who can’t walk or carry things with both hands because one hand is needed to hold up their pants, strategically hanging below their butt cheeks? Thirty years of the same man-culottes, sideways ball-cap and exposed boxers.
    I’d be happy to see these 1970’s collars and stacked heels come back if it meant not looking at another twenty year old walking like he needed his diapers changed.

  11. moot

    A few of these photos are blatantly from the 80’s. The awesomeness that is big-hair wasn’t around until well after the slack-joy of ’79! 😛

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  13. Sylvia

    Hey, I want the men in belted sweaters back, they’re hot 😀 Same goes for the guys in the nice shirts and ties somewhere in the middle. The rest are…amusing, at least 😀

  14. Peter Pigott

    In the 70’s I wore Bell Bottom checkered pants my mother got me. I wore them until the 90’s. One pair was turning green! And “checks” were long gone!

  15. Nicole

    This was definitely a fun read. 70s fashion was pretty dreadful. Funny because when I watch that 70s show…. It doesn’t seem so bad. But in this context, it’s horrible. I showed to my mom she had a good laugh.

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