Visualizing the Cliff Bar 2 Mile Challenge

We won’t admit it, but we are lazy. We’ve all driven somewhere nearby that we could have easily enjoyed walking to. In fact, 40% of all car trips are within a two mile ring of their starting point. It’s a distance easily covered by bicycle and so, in an effort to combat climate change, Cliff Bar is challenging people to take to their bikes.

You can win free gear and help raise money for 3 different non-profits, simply by going to the 2 Mile Challenge site, signing up and logging your miles. It’s a fun and healthy way to make a difference.

Click the interactive infographic above to see the progress so far.

Written by Paul Caridad and Benjamin Starr


Bicycled the perimeter of USA, hitch hiked across the States dressed as monk. Nomadic for the next few years. Would love to connect, so check out my links below! email:

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