Original Illustrations from Charlotte’s Web

The bank vault containing the original drawings for Charlotte’s Web has been opened, and these original masterpieces are to be sold at auction on October 15, 2010. Alice Yoo from My Modern Metropolis put together a great writeup with a sampling of the 44 images that are to be sold:

There’s no doubt that Williams left an indelible mark through his work. As his friend and attorney Richard M. Ticktin says, “We continue to get letters addressed to Garth from fourth graders, wondering how it is he was able to draw these animals and people so perfectly that he instilled in these kids a love of nature.”

Barry Sandoval, director of operations at Heritage’s comics division, says, “Anytime you see a poll of the most beloved children’s books, it’s at or near the top,” Sandoval says. “It’s a touching story that appeals to boys and girls in the U.S. and around the world.”

“Without a doubt,” he adds, “Garth Williams is one of the most important and influential 20th-century children’s book illustrators. When young and old readers today think about their favorite fictional characters — pigs, bears, mice, dogs, kittens, crickets and spiders — the images in their minds are essentially the images created by Williams. His work will live forever in American literature.”

Source: My Modern Met


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